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Starting a New Conference

Starting a New Conference at a Parish can be an exciting and rewarding experience. We have people who will help you and guide you in starting a new conference. The general procedure to start a new conference is:

1. Get the concurrence of the pastor.

2. Notify the Joliet Diocesan Council of your intent by calling the Joliet Diocesan Council Office at 630-293-9755, or by emailing and providing your name, phone number, parish and email address. As a result of this information,  a member of the Joliet Council new conference committee will get in contact with you.

3. Plan a new members night or an invitation to serve, with the Joliet Diocesan Council new conference committee member. Announce the planned information night in the bulletin or via a pulpit announcement or both.

4. Hold the information night along with support of the Joliet Diocesan Council new conference committee member.

5. Schedule a meeting of interested parish members. You should hold an election of the new Conference President.  The Conference President, normally serves a three year term, will appoint the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Spiritual Advisor. It would be desirable to also pass by-laws for the new Conference.  The Joliet Diocesan Council new conference committee member will provide you with a copy of recommended by-laws. They will also provide a copy of the New Conference Application form which needs to be filled out and submitted to the Joliet Diocesan Council, preferably by email.

6. To open a bank account, the new conference needs to obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN) by filling out a SS-4 form from The Joliet Diocesan Council new conference committee member will provide you a instructions of how to fill out this form. When you receive your official EIN number and present the approved by-laws to any bank, the bank will open a bank account for you. After you notify the Joliet Diocesan Council of your EIN number and having established a bank account, the Joliet Diocesan Council will present you with a check for a new conference start up.

6. The Joliet Diocesan Council can schedule a Ozanam Orientation training session for your new conference members at your choosing.

7. You are now a USA National Council recognized new St. Vincent de Paul Conference.


8. Your Conference needs to submit an Application for Inclusion under the National Councils Group Ruling tax status to allow contributions to your Confernce to be tax deductable by the donor under IRS rulings.

9. After a year of service and having completed at least one annual report, the Conference can request the St. Vincent de Paul International Council for aggregation, which is recognition that your trial period is over and you are now an official St. Vincent de Paul Conference.