Society of St. Vincent de Paul Joliet Diocesan Council
213 Main Street
West Chicago, Illinois 60185
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 Services Provided

Helping Our Neighbors in Need


Basic Needs Request

We donate items out of store directly to  low-income people. Last year we gave away over $220,000 of clothing, bedding, furniture and household items from our Thrift Stores. To obtain a Basic Need Request, contact one of our Conferences.

2. Donate Clothing, Bedding, Furniture and Household Items

     We are the principle place in the Joliet Diocese to receive donated clothing, bedding, furniture and household items. Over $300,000 of merchandise was donated last year. To donate items, please call 630-231-4658 to schedule a pick up.



Thrift Stores

The Thrift Stores provide quality used clothing, furniture, bedding and household items at low prices. They also sell new mattresses at cost to us.

The money raised from our thrift store sales allow the Juliet Diocesan Council  to provide financial assistance to the needy through our local Conferences.  Last year, the Conferences received over $350,000 from our thrift stores.


Food Pantry

We operate about 13 food pantries at our Conferences. Last year, our Conferences distributed over $180,000 of food to the needy. To find a Conference with a food pantry, click on the Conferences Locations web page.


Car Program

The Joliet Diocesan Council provides cars to low-income families that need transportation to and from work. Please contact your local Conference to request an Application for the Car Program.



SVDP1 Senior Housing

The Joliet Diocesan Council operates a 17 unit Senior Housing Unit at 129 West McConnell Street in West Chicago. To qualify for this housing, a person must be over 62 years old or disabled and have income under $26,300. For further information, please call 847-962-2456.


New Mattress Program

We have two mattress programs; one for inexpensive mattress sets and another with the Good, Better and Best grades but more expensive.

In October of 2002, we were able to make arrangements with a local manufacturer to build new, inexpensive bed sets in the Good category that will get parents and children off the floor, but the life expectancy is only 3-5 years, depending on usage. Beds in the Mattress Program are sold in sets, new mattress and new foundation. Bed frames are sold separately. Since January 1, 2010 over 100 mattress sets have been sold. The Set prices as of June 21, 2012 are:

   TWIN SET             $105           TWIN/FULL FRAME $25

    FULL SET              $121        

    QUEEN SET           $172        QUEEN FRAME       $48

    DELIVERY CHARGE $30        expect two to three weeks for delivery.

If a needy family wishes to partake in this New Mattress Program, they should call their nearest Conference to get a New Mattress Program Request Form. If a Conference or social agency needs Mattress Program Forms, please call 630-293-9755.

In addition, all of our stores,except Joliet and Morris, also sell NEW Mattresses at discount pricing to the general public. We carry three quality mattresses in twin, full, queen and king sizes.  We sell individually, mattresses, foundations and frames.

Good "Crazy Quilt"  TWIN   FULL    QUEEN  KING

Sold in sets only        $168  $200       $270    N/A

Better "Providence"

Set Prices                 $235  $300       $379    N/A

Mattress Only            $160  $200       $283

Foundation Only         $80   $99         $100

Best "Royal Rose"

Set Prices                 $267  $360        $420   $591

Mattress Only            $182  $245        $310   $435

Foundation Only         $82   $115        $120   $158

Frames only

Twin/Full            $25

Queen                $48

Queen/King          $50

These prices were the prices on July 1, 2012 and may vary as costs rise.