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Minutes of Presidents Meeting
of September 22, 2018


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Members: Minutes of Presidents Meeting, September 22, 2018


Society of St. Vincent de Paul Joliet Diocesan Council
President’s Meeting: September 22, 2018
Ascension of Our Lord, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Click here to obtain a copy of the Minutes of Presidents Meeting.

Following the 8 am Mass, Joe Butkovich opened the meeting at 9 am.

The following conferences were in attendance:

Ascension of Our Lord
Corpus Christi
Holy Trinity
Holy Spirit
Immaculate Conception
Sacred Heart
St. Andrew the Apostle
St. Anthony
St. Alexander
St. Elizabeth
St. James
St. Joan of Arc
St. John the Baptist
George Malyj, General Manager
Dick Walsh, Store Committee Chair
St. Luke
St. Mary of Gostyn
St. Mary
St. Matthew
St. Phillip the Apostle
St. Pius X
St .Peter and Paul
St. Raymond
St. Raphael
St. Scholastica
St. Thomas the Apostle
St. Walter
Deacon, Peter Rooney
Bill Thomas, Past General Manager

Twenty seven conferences present out of 42 make for a quorum.

Spiritual Reflection: Deacon Peter Rooney

The gospel reading was from St. Matthew on the beatitudes, St. Vincent de Paul tells us that “Love is inventive to the point of infinity” and we as Vincentians ought to strive for that.

Minutes April 20, 2018 Meeting: Joe Butkovich, President

The minutes from the spring meeting were moved to be accepted, seconded and approved.

Presidents Report

Throughout Joe Butkovich’s six year term, change is happening such as creating districts and conferences getting their own tax status and the mission statement was shortened and new by-laws will need to updated for all conferences and councils; these changes are in progress as we adapt to the new organizational changes. Unfortunately, since Joe was disaster chairman for the North Central Region, some 48 different disasters occurred and sapped most of his time and effort but progress was made in this area with house-in-a-box and financial assistance to those who were impacted.

A motion was made to approve the Presidents Report, seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Jack Schreiber

As we have only one week left in this financial year,  Jack presented the end of August financial report.

In summary, the council report has cash on hand of $4709 but we are past due of about $35,000 to National Council for Solidarity Dues for the stores. The stores have lost money for both of the last two years.  For 2016, the stores net receipts for 11 months are $2.938,000 and a net loss of –$165,000.

For 2017 the stores net receipts for 11 months are $2,583,000 and a net loss of $88,000.

More importantly the stores cash on hand has diminished from $325,000 at end of  2015, to $154,00 at end of 2016 to $111,000 at end of August 2018.

Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded and passed.

District Repots

Alan Krol of the Naperville district reported that they are meeting monthly and collaboration is occurring in their district.

Frances Mildice of the Joliet district is having problems scheduling quarterly meeting in her district.

Stores Committee: Dick Walsh, Chair

Dick introduced the new Stores General Manager George Malyj who began July 1. He replaced Bill Thomas who was Stores General Manager for 28 years and he is retiring.

George has been motivating store employees to increase sales, and sorting most of the collections of clothing bags in storage to get the better merchandise into the stores to increase sales to achieve a $3.25 per item value which is a target value to get the stores back to profitability.

Joe Butkovich introduced a new plan to get more volunteers to work in the stores. When the stores become profitable again, the profits would be awarded to conferences based on number of hours of volunteers.

Motion was made to accept the Stores Report, seconded and approved.

Welcome New Conference Presidents John Otto and Joe Butkovich

Rich DeLazzer who is the new President at St. Phillip the Apostle, Addison was welcomed.

Expansion Committee Report: Doug Dikun

Doug reported that a year ago, St. Daniel the Prophet applied as a new conference. St. Edmund of Watseka is trying to get a new conference going with some adjoining parishes. When asked about how he guides a new conference in getting started, Doug said he asks the new conference about it goals such as financial assistance, food pantry, clothing drive, holiday baskets and possibly a youth conference. Most new conferences are unaware of these choices. Doug also asked members what functions they would be interested in doing for their conference.

Updated Joliet Diocesan Council By-laws: Joe Butkovich

The need to update Joliet Diocesan By-laws is necessary to accommodate new district councils and change in the mission statement and getting conference own IRS tax status is requiring an update of the council by-laws. The new by-laws begin with the latest 2016 approved National Council By-laws for Diocesan Councils with a board of directors. The following changes were made and modified from the original proposed by-laws at this meeting:

1.  Mission Statement is greatly abbreviated and reads “A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.” This was adopted by National Council in April 2018. Remaining portions of the Mission Statement are moved to Who We Are Section.

2.  Article 4 Tax Exemption the following was added. “Conferences must be in compliance with local, state and federal rules and regulations including tax exemption compliance to be considered a conference of the Diocesan Council. This includes but is not limited to annual reporting. The Diocesan and District will assist in governance issues when requested.”

3.  Article 11 – Membership of Council/Board and Terms of office. Voting members of the Diocesan Council/Board are District Council Presidents and the Diocesan Council President in case of a tie vote. The President of the Council may appoint a proxy for a district that does not have a President.

4.  Article 30 Joliet Diocesan Council Resale Sops is added. “The Joliet Council resale shops are a special works project and consist of resale shops throughout the Diocese. The day to day operation of the stores are managed by the general manager or executive director, and store managers; both are overseen by a store board. The store volunteer aspects falls to the district councils. Each conference in a district is responsible to assist the districts in supplying volunteers. When the stores make a profit after all expenses are paid; then those conferences that have supplied volunteers will share in the profits of the stores as determined by the district councils. The conferences are not liable if the stores lose money.”

5.  Article 31 Joliet Diocesan Council Senior Housing is added. “The Joliet Diocesan Council Senior Housing is a special works project. It is overseen by a separate board that is mandated by the government financing and as an independent corporation but still under the Vincentian umbrella. No funds may be transferred to the Joliet Diocesan Council from the Senior Housing. However, the Senior Housing must pay their portion of the Solidarity Dues.”

6.  A Reference Section is added. “The Districts are comprised of the Deaneries in the Joliet Diocese. With the approval of these By-laws, the following conferences belong to their respective districts as labeled:  (to be provided)”

A motion was made to approve the modified by-laws by Pam McKechnie of St. Joan of Arc and seconded by Doug Dikun of St. Luke. The motion was approved.

Election of New President for Joliet Diocesan Council: John Otto

The Nominating Committee announce a candidate for Joliet Diocesan Council President.  Jack Schreiber of St. Joan of Arc Conference provided a Autobiographical Statement and Platform Statement that were handed out. A secret ballot vote was cast and the committee announced the results as a unanimous voteor Jack Schreiber. Congratulations Jack. His term begins October 1, 2018.

Closing Remarks of Current President: Joe Butkovich

Joe apologized for spending so much time on 47 disasters but that area has been improved with house-in-a-box and other FEMA collaborations. Joe thanked everybody who worked hard during his two terms and he wished the best for Jack in his new term.

Remarks by President Elect: Jack Schreiber

Jack thanked everyone who voted for him. Jack also thanked Joe for his hard work that he did during his term and his many accomplishments. Jack said his top priority is to get the stores back to profitability. We have many other issues and Jack is inviting anyone interested to an Executive Board meeting on Saturday Oct. 20 at 9 am at St. Joan of Arc parish in Lisle. Jack finished by stating that serving as an officer in the St. Vincent de Paul Society is a vocation for Vincentians.

New Business

Wally Newman of St. Pius X conference invited everyone to attend a discussion of a boot “Thrift Store Saints” on Nov. 7 at p pm at St. Pius X parish.

Closing Prayer: Deacon Peter Rooney

Deacon Peter asked all Vincentians to be active on our service the poor.

Meeting closed at 12;10 p.m

Respectfully Submitted

John Otto,
Acting Council Secretary



2018 Joliet Diocesan Council By-laws Proposed
Vincentian Reflections
Treasurers Report
Jack Schreiber Autobiography and Platform State