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Council Newsletter April 21, 2016



Mary, you continually sought out the meaning of Jesus Christ in  your life, help me find the meaning of Jesus Christ in my life. St. Vincent help me to be a good servant of yours especially in helping those in need. Lord, give me the strength to seek out  and help those in need.




New Conferences

On Dec. 3, 2015, Blessed Rosalie Rendu Conference of Crest Hill became a new conference.  On October 22, 2014 St. Mary Immaculate Conference of Plainfield became a new conference.

In December of 2012, St. Ann's of Channahon has received start up money for a new conference. On February 15, St. Ann's elected officers for their new conference

St. Isidore of Bloomingdale has elected officers for their new conference.  St. Isidore's conference became operational on July 1, 2013.

Christ the King conference in Lombard has reformed their council and they will become a new conference with their own EIN and by-laws by November 1, 2013.





Upcoming Schedule of Events:

The annual St. VIncent de Paul Society Walk for the Poor is taking place on Saturday Sept. 27th.  St. Elizabeth Seton Conference of Naperville and St. Andrew the Apostle Conference of Romeoville and holding walks.  If you would like to register, visit the National Council website at and sign up.





Keep In Your Prayers



Carol Bucaro, mother of Doretta Gates, passed away on May 2, 2016. Edward Bucaro, father of Doretta Gates of Joliet Council Secretary, passed away on November 11, 2014.

Mary Thiltgen died in August 2015.

Joseph Silvestri, our Senior apartment manager died on February 3, 2016.

Lucille Thomas, 102 year old mother of Stores General Manager Bill Thomas died in August 2014.  Keep Lucille in your prayers.

Martha Worley, West Chicago and most recently Addison store mananger was slain by her husband on July 26. Keep Martha and her three children in your prayers.



Financial Assistance Status

Financial Assistance has not been provided  since March 2015 as the new Joliet West Store opening and economic conditions at the stores has decreased. The maximum cap amount for any conference is $1500 per month. For the first 5 months of FY2015, the Joliet Council has reimbursed Conferences for $120, 080. The stores transferred $99,000 for the same time period of FY 2015.




New Joliet West Store

A new store has been purchased on the west side of Joliet at 1820 West Jefferson Street for approximately $1 million dollars. To pay down or pay off the mortgage, the Joliet Council is conducting a Capital Campaign.  The Capital Campaign began Feb. 1 and thru April 30, a readiness evaluation will occur with consultants communicating with Joliet Diocesean Council leadership and conference leaders to determine the needs and potential goal for the development drive. In May and June, development brochures and mailing lists will be prepared. The Capital Campaign will begin soliciting contributions in July thru September of 2015. The initial goal for the campaign is to raise $1.6 million dollars over a five year period. If we can pay off the mortgage for the new store, more profits will flow through to financial assistance. However, with monthly mortgatge payments and store overhead, the new store may reduce store profits for a few months beginning in March.

Car Program Status 

For the fiscal year 2014, the Joliet Diocesan Council  received 23 cars  and gave away 7 cars.  The National Car Program processed 10 cars for this period. The waiting list for the car program is at 10 names. 


Conference Notable Achievements

For 2012, Immaculate Conception Conference of Morris has received a $2000 grant from the Friends of the Poor Walk.

Holy Trinity Conference received the Rosalie Rendu Award for Conference Standards of Excellence. They were the first conference in the USA to receive the award. Congratulations to the members of Holy Trinity conference.



 Conference Aggregation Applications for 2012

St. Joan of Arc Conference of Lisle, St. Patrick Conference of Yorkville and St. Mary Conference of West Chicago were approved by the International Council General on June 17, 2012.




Joliet Conferences Need Financial Assistance

The Joliet Council has four Conferences that do not have much money with which to operate.  If your Conference can support any of these conferences, please call our Coucil office at 630-293-9755 and a plan can be worked out.